June 24, 2016


I have been volunteering with UES since spring of 2014. The opportunity they afford me has been a tremendous help to me and my family. You see, I have 2 wonderful, grade school aged children that attend Catholic School. It is a struggle to pay the tuition for them to attend but the rewards of Catholic Education are well worth it. My children are taught strong academics, strong moral values, responsibility and faith enrichment, respect for others and themselves, patriotism and a high regard for our country and those who serve in our military. This is very important to me and is something lacking in many of our public schools so being able to ensure my children have this amazing opportunity is a true gift, one that might not be attainable for our family and many others without the assistance and support we receive from Universal Education Supporters. With the help of UES, our children are being shaped as future leaders who will lead with compassion, empathy, and the good of others in mind – something that will not only benefit them but also the entire world.


I am so grateful for UES and sincerely appreciate all they do to help others.


Thank you UES. You are an amazing organization doing great things for people! Keep up the great work!




Johnna M

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